Amaram as Software Development Experts:

The Software Development model include, writing of requirements based specifications that allows development of applications with the functionality & behavior of systems to be separated from implementation details. We are experts in Microsoft Technologies, Java Platform and conversion of legacy systems to either of these, through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as more conventional methods.

Microsoft Technologies: .Net, C#, ASP, Windows, COM, VB.
Our expertise in MS Technologies is used to create “Best value” for clients through enterprise solutions maximizing our clients’ overall Enterprise Performance & Technology investment.

Java Platform: J2EE, Core Java, EJB, Swing, Struts, JSP, Junit.
We simplify enterprise applications, using standardized, modular components, by providing a complete set of services to the above components, to handle details of application behavior automatically, without complex programming.

SOA: SOA Readiness Assessment, Business Process Evaluation, Evaluation & Implementation of Available Consolidated Services, Web Services Implementation, Service-oriented Integration of Business Functions, Enterprise-wide IT Transformation, Agile Business Model Review

We explore organizational levels of maturity to determine the adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and set realistic goals and objectives for our clients willing to adopt SOA.

Amaram as Software Quality Experts:

Software Quality Assurance, Engineering & Audits:

We provide Cost effective approach for independent software assessment by top QA SMEs (subject matter experts).

Our area of expertise include Software Quality Assurance & Engineering, Test Automation, Systems & Performance Testing, IT Controls Audit, SOX Compliance, IV&V (Independent Validation & Verification).

Amaram as Data Experts:

Data Security, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Management:

Data Stage, Informatica, Ab Initio, Micro Strategy, SAS, Oracle, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, My SQL, MS Access

Our Reliability and expertise in implementing highly optimized analytical systems to handle the most challenging data warehousing requirements with ease is our forte. We provide solutions to meet client demand for Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling and Executive Reporting.

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Amaram wins the Seaport-e prime contract as part of the rolling admissions in 2008

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"Information Technology.... has enabled this new creative era, dramatically expanding the space for speculative thought."